Khadige & Sandino

Being a support worker has been the most rewarding experience of Khadige’s life. The role has given Khadige the confidence to overcome challenges and meet different clients with different personalities, cultures, and backgrounds. 

Khadige knows she is doing something for others who really need the support, giving her a deep sense of purpose, fulfilment, and satisfaction. Elderly clients like Sandino feel less stress when they have a support worker like Khadige on hand, making their day easier knowing they have the support. 

Working with Alliance Community has been valuable for Khadige. The team has provided her with support daily and provides her with the work flexibility she needs. 

Being a support worker gives Khadige the opportunity to positively impact the lives of her clients. It has allowed her to form genuine connections rooted in trust and care, bringing Khadige immense joy.

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