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Vicki & Wendy

Vicki became a support worker with the purpose of giving back to the community. She loves her role as it not only allows her to achieve this, but also because every day is a rewarding experience when supporting community members like Wendy.

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Nathan & Lissa

Support coordinator Lissa empowered Nathan, an NDIS participant, to start studying and find a part-time job. Through her assistance and encouragement he has gained confidence and independence, showcasing the transformative impact our staff have on the lives of individuals like Nathan.

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Emily May & Lesley

Emily May and Lesley are so much more than client and support worker, they’ve formed an intergenerational friendship grounded on their mutual love of family. While Emily May provides Lesley a helping hand around the house, the two share stories about their children and grandchildren.

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Lily & Margaret

Lily has been a support worker ever since she finished high school and loves her role every day. With fortnightly visits to clients like Margaret, who lives independently at the age of 93, Lily is able to give Margaret confidence in knowing she is getting support and companionship.

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Khadige & Sandino

Being a support worker gives Khadige the opportunity to meet new clients and gain confidence in supporting clients with different personalities and of different cultures and backgrounds. Her work makes elderly clients like Sandino feel more at ease in their day to day and provides Khadige with a deep sense of purpose.

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Natasha & Peter

Every day as a support worker is different for Natasha, from assisting her clients with daily social support or providing medical assistance. Natasha finds her role extremely rewarding as it means bringing a smile to clients’ faces like Peter and bringing more happiness in her client’s day.

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Ikram & Isabel

Ikram loves her job as it provides her with the flexibility and work-life balance she needs, being a busy mum of four and running a busy household. Being a support worker gives Ikram the opportunity to choose her days and hours, while also being able to support her clients and make a difference in their lives.

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Poppy & Peter

Being a support worker with Alliance Community has given Poppy the opportunity to make a difference in her clients’ lives. Knowing that Poppy is able to support members of the community who really need it, especially with an ageing population in Australia, gives Poppy the satisfaction knowing that she is making an impact.

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Tom & Ian

Tom and Ian have known each other for nearly two years and have formed a close friendship. Whether they are listening to old show tunes, debating politics, or talking about their travels, they have a lot of fun spending time together.

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Victor & Gabby

Victor and Gabby have only recently met, after Victor had an unfortunate motorcycle accident whilst on holiday in Tasmania. After months of rehabilitation, Victor moved home. Getting used to his new life has been challenging after being told that he will never walk or ride his bike again.

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