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Daniel, Chloe & Haley

Daniel Wells is the centre of his mum and dad’s world and his happiness and wellbeing is a constant worry. He has recently moved into a high care facility and once a week Support Stars like Chloe and Haley from Alliance Community help him exercise.

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Johnno & Robyn

Johnno and Support Star Robyn have known each other for three and a half years. Johnno’s brother Greg who has been Johnno’s primary carer for years regards Robyn and the other Support Stars as imperative to keeping the “Johnno Show” going because he has such complex needs.

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Alex & Adrian

Alex and Adrian have been friends for over four years now. After suffering a brain aneurysm, Alex was living in a nursing home. To gain his dignity back, Alex decided to move home.

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Emily & Ivana

Emily and Ivana have known each other for five years. They met shortly after Emily came home from months of rehabilitation after a snowboarding accident that left her quadriplegic.

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Tom & Ian

Tom and Ian have known each other for nearly two years and have formed a close friendship. Whether they are listening to old show tunes, debating politics, or talking about their travels, they have a lot of fun spending time together.

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Victor & Gabby

Victor and Gabby have only recently met, after Victor had an unfortunate motorcycle accident whilst on holiday in Tasmania. After months of rehabilitation, Victor moved home. Getting used to his new life has been challenging after being told that he will never walk or ride his bike again.

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