David's Story



“It all happened pretty quickly,” says David, “I went to hospital because of a seizure and they found a bone infection, ended up amputating my foot—that was pretty unexpected.” 

Life has thrown David Melville a few curveballs in the last several years; the sudden death of his brother took him down a road of heavy drinking and rehabilitation. Not long after, postoperative wounds from a lung and heart condition saw him unable to keep his job in tyre sales and auto-mechanics in Mackay, Queensland. “The wounds would bleed everywhere and I had to change the bandages a lot…not great for work” laughs David.  

Then, in November 2017, after three years of being unwell, but self-reliant, while living on his own David experienced a life-altering injury and lost most of his leg. “The strange thing was, I was back at home before the New Year…but, I was one of those people who fell through the gap for a while.”

David’s family live interstate and so when he was looking at being discharged from hospital without, at that stage, support from the NDIS or access to a Disability Support Pension things were seeming lonely and tough. The local hospital however, put him in contact with Alliance Community, Australia’s premium community support organisation. “They helped me move back home and settle in—I can’t fault them—they just go above and beyond,” says David. 

David has two of Alliance Community’s Support Stars visit him three days per week, something David says put him back on track. “Julie helped me with everything, she even helped sort-out my paperwork with the NDIS. I was filed incorrectly so she spoke to the right people and now I’m covered and get more of the care that I need. My NDIS lets me have Alliance Community support three days’ per-week and, visit the physio and gym to strengthen my stump—which Julie takes me to.” 

For David it’s not just the fact that his Support Stars are vital to helping him get stronger, and hopefully back to work, it’s also the comfort, company and sense of dignity they provide. “Julie knows when I’m down, she just says ‘righto let’s go get a coffee somewhere.’ It’s the little things. They even organised to have the carpet cleaned and every time Julie, or one of the other Support Stars, clean they give my place a really, really, good go-over. Julie even helped organise to have my medication changed because they were upsetting my stomach—they’re just really good to me.”

Alliance Community offer both temporary and long-term assistance, around-the-clock, wherever, and however you need it. From people in situations similar to David’s or whether it’s respite support, high and complex support services, development of life skills, travel and transport, companionship, domestic support, meal preparation, or daily living activities—Alliance Community are here to offer support. 

If you would like to find out more about our services call and speak to one of our friendly team members on 1300 769 155 today.