Coles starts 'Quiet Hour'


Every Tuesday between 10:30am and 11:30am over 70 Coles supermarkets across Australia, that’s one Cloes in every region in Australia, has Quiet Hour taking place. An hour of low sensorial stimulation allowing people with Autism or those who struggle with highly stimulated environments to do their shopping.  

During Quiet Hour store lighting is turned down by 50 percent, PA announcements are stopped (emergencies excluded), Coles Radio is turned off, registers and scanners are turned down to the lowest volume setting, trolley collection is stopped and extra staff are located around the store for added assistance; free fruit is also served.    

For many people, something like a trip to the supermarket can be highly stressful, cause great anxiety, or be completely prohibitive. However, this collaboration between Autism Spectrum Australia and Coles is making sure that everyone in our community has an opportunity to shop.  

Click here to see which stores near you have quiet hour.