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Tegan started with Alliance Community as a support worker over three months ago. In a short amount of time, she has received many positive feedbacks from clients she works with. “This only inspires me to work harder to better myself, and to continue through my Cert III in Individual Support to ensure that my services provided are top notch.”

Growing up with her sister, Shianna, who has Cornelia De Lange Syndrome, shaped Tegan into who she is today. It has given her an advantage, provided her with a great eye and understanding of what is needed for those who cannot express themselves. “I chose this career path as I find my personality and ability to read and gauge people a strong suit of mine and I wanted to be able to showcase that for those who need.”

She feels having grown and blossomed alongside Shianna has taught her to appreciate the little things in life. “I also found that I personally became drawn to those who have difficulties as I feel it’s almost a responsibility to show that the community cares about them, hence why I am here today.” Tegan enjoys helping her clients live more independently and as rewarding as it is for her clients, it is also making a positive difference in her life.

Tegan’s advice for individuals who want to pursue a career as a support worker is to give it a go if there is an interest. She loves her job and says it is one of the most rewarding jobs she has had in her life. “You build bonds and trusts with those whom have hearts of pure gold. It’s a constant learning curve, but every day is truly memorable, and I am always making somebody else’s day and that’s all that matters to me.”

Tegan, Alliance Community QLD

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