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Vicki & Wendy

Vicki became a support worker with the purpose of giving back to the community. She loves her role as it not only allows her to achieve this, but also because every day is a rewarding experience when supporting community members like Wendy.

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Alex & Adrian

Alex and Adrian have been friends for over four years now. After suffering a brain aneurysm, Alex was living in a nursing home. To gain his dignity back, Alex decided to move home.

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Johnno & Robyn

Johnno and support worker Robyn have known each other for three and a half years. Johnno’s brother Greg who has been Johnno’s primary carer for years regards Robyn and the other support workers as imperative to keeping the “Johnno Show” going because he has such complex needs.

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Chloe & Catherine

Chloe and Catherine are the perfect match! After a skiing accident in 2017, Chloe was left paralysed. Catherine has been there through the ups and the downs of Chloe’s journey, supporting her with her daily routine, household cleaning and as a new found friend.

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Daniel, Chloe & Haley

Daniel Wells is the centre of his mum and dad’s world and his happiness and wellbeing is a constant worry. He has recently moved into a high care facility and once a week support workers like Chloe and Haley from Alliance Community help him exercise.

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Emily & Ivana

Emily and Ivana have known each other for five years. They met shortly after Emily came home from months of rehabilitation after a snowboarding accident that left her quadriplegic.

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