Tom & Ian

Tom and Ian have known each other for nearly two years and have formed a close friendship. Whether they are listening to old show tunes, debating politics, or talking about their travels, they have a lot of fun spending time together.

Ian visits Tom every other day and helps Tom with showering, light cleaning, cooking and dressing. Ian also helps Tom to attend doctors’ appointments when necessary. They also go for walks around the block and to the local park.

Ian has been working with Alliance Community for 3 years and has gained a qualification in Disability Support through Alliance Community. Working as a support worker allows Ian the flexibility to pick up extra shifts as required and all of his clients are within the local area. Ian will often visit two or three clients in a day and enjoys the varied nature of the job. No day is the same and Ian gets a lot of fulfillment from helping Tom.

Ian also helps Tom to visit friends in the area. Tom has an active social life and having the ability to get out of the house and to a friend’s place really helps Tom be part of the local community.


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