Emily & Ivana

Emily and Ivana have known each other for five years. They met shortly after Emily came home from months of rehabilitation after a snowboarding accident that left her quadriplegic.

The pair developed an instant connection and have been friends since. Ivana visits Emily every morning and helps her shower, get dressed and prepare meals. They love each other’s company and enjoy catching up over a cup of tea in the morning.

Ivana has always wanted to be a nurse, it’s her passion. Ivana says that since working for Alliance Community it feels like she hasn’t worked for 5 years, she just hangs out and supports her friends!  Emily, her partner and Ivana, recently went on a holiday together to Singapore. This was a real highlight for Ivana.  

After 4 years of study, Emily has landed a new job specialising in rehabilitating people with spinal injuries. Emily wants to use her own experience to inspire people to overcome challenges and succeed. 

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