The Hearts of Alliance Community

At Alliance Community we wanted to shine a light on our amazing Support Stars. Our Support Stars make Alliance Community what it is and are the ones working with our wonderful clients every day.

Our Support Stars love what they do and each have their own story to tell, that’s why we’re sharing the real profiles and experiences of the Hearts of Alliance Community!



“My experience working alongside Alliance Community as a Support Star has been nothing but rewarding and the best experience which I will keep with me for life.

I started working with Alliance Community at the start of 2019 after years in retail, and I haven’t looked back since.

I really wanted to give people the support and care which is vital to their everyday living.  Being able to support someone and make a positive difference in someone’s life is the most rewarding and life-changing experience, like no other.

I don't have one wonderful memory in particular because for me it's every day I get out of bed to go support someone, the fact that what I am doing has a real purpose and watching each one of my client's smiles is my favourite memory.

I love being a Support Star because when I leave my client I know I have just helped better their life in some way - whether it’s by making them a cuppa, hanging out the washing or washing their hair. I love the fact that I can make the biggest positive impact on someone's life that really matters and this can be by doing something big or small.”

Cara Stratford, Alliance Community ACT



“I started working for Alliance Community in March this year. My journey so far with being a Support Star is great, or let me say rewarding.

After I moved to Australia in 2017, I discovered the Support Stars position… I decided to be a Support Star so that I can be part of the family to give support to people who need support mentally, physically and emotionally.

My most unique memories of being a Support Starr is the thought that someone can trust me to be a part of their lives and help them when they need assistance... Having a chat with the clients and getting to know how they grew up, what they love and how they would love me to help them is the best.

My most unique memories of being a Support Star is the thought that someone can trust me to be part of their lives and help them when they need assistance. Going for shopping, coffee clubs and to the community are the wonderful memories l have.

Through it all, I have come to realise it takes empathy, passion, positivity and patience to be a great worker.

I am learning a lot from meeting different people, which is great.”

Kathleen Machingura, Alliance Community Mackay


“I’ve been a Support Star for 16 months. I truly love being a Support Star and take pride in my work, as it’s the most fulfilling career… By giving it my best and dedicating myself to my full potential, knowing that I’ve helped someone be independent, or support them to do the best that they can. By helping my clients in living peacefully, giving back the power of choice, advocating for their quality of life, sustaining a life in their own home for longer, ensuring the support for everyday needs are met, and respecting cultures and dignity. It’s changing ones’ day just by having that friendly smile and happy-go-lucky vibe.

Having over nine years of work experience in the community with disability and aged care clients, I was ready to go full flight back into work after having my daughter. That’s when I joined the Alliance Community team. The team has been nothing but supportive whilst having a young child. The support and appreciation Alliance Community gives its Support Stars is nothing shy of amazing!

It’s the self-worth of making someone else’s day brighter and giving back to the community which is a rewarding experience that makes my heart glow with joy. Every client is different and unique, I’ve grown to assist my clients by listening to them and gaining their trust, which supports an amazing rapport between the client and myself. Having the Alliance Community team alongside me has made me a more passionate and understanding person each day.”

Natasha Steyn, Alliance Community SA


Watch this space!

We will be sharing more Hearts of Alliance Community profiles soon.