The Hearts of Alliance Community

At Alliance Community we wanted to shine a light on our amazing Support Stars and internal team members. Our Support Stars and team across our branches make Alliance Community what it is and are the ones working with each other and our wonderful clients every day.

Our Support Stars and internal team love what they do and each have their own story to tell, that’s why we’re sharing the real profiles and experiences of the Hearts of Alliance Community!

Anna has been a Support Star with Alliance Community SA for almost a year and loves making a difference each and every day!

“I’m really proud when a client asks for me again, then I know I have done my job. I became a Support Star after my mum was in need of care after some surgeries. I was able to help her recover, which was extremely rewarding."

"Seeing her appreciate me and having a smile at the end of the day was just fantastic. One particular memory I have is helping a client with a disability who wasn’t keen on too much support. She has now become more open and focused on her rehabilitation, independence and more appreciative of her carer’s support."

"Overall, there is so much I love about being a Support Star with Alliance Community. My favourite moments are seeing a client happy, being a part of their life and knowing I’m supporting them achieving their independence.”

Anna’s advice for someone considering becoming a Support Star?

“Be willing to work hard to know your client’s needs, be kind, smile, have fun when you can and be productive when you need to be. At the end of the day you are making a difference in someone’s life.”

Anna, Support Star - Alliance Community SA

Based in the Mackay, Queensland office Erin has been a Support Coordinator at Alliance Community for just over a year now!

What drives Erin at Alliance Community?

“Working with participants with complex support needs and across all sectors of our community - health, aged care and child safety. Being creative, proactive and progressive with individualised support structures that aim to achieve the goals of our participants while utilising all the support stream that NDIS can offer.”

In addition to a dual Diploma in Counselling and Complex Case Management, Erin is currently continuing her study further after studying a Bachelor of Nursing and transitioning into a Bachelor of Medical Science with specialisation in clinical measurement.

 “I love that Alliance Community has the diversity to support our community as a whole. Alliance Community has a strong clinical background and the expertise which enables a high standard of supports and care for our NDIS Participants.”

Erin, Support Coordinator Alliance Community QLD

Kirstin has been with Alliance Community since early 2017. Kirstin started with Alliance Community as a Care Coordinator and is now in the role of Support Coordinator.

Kirstin studied a Diploma of Nursing, Certificate in Business Administration and is also now currently undertaking her study in a Diploma in Counselling.

What brought Kirstin to Alliance Community?

“I have always had a passion for working in a role where I can help others. I love being able to assist clients to get the best out of their NDIS plan and reach their goals!”

Kirstin, Support Coordinator Alliance Community QLD

Meet Terri! Terri started working with Alliance Community as a Support Star in 2016! Looking to re-join the workforce whilst making a difference in people’s lives after her daughter started school, Terri began her career as a Support Worker in 2011.

“I really wanted to give people the support and care which is important to their everyday living. Being able to support someone and make a positive difference in someone’s life is the most rewarding and life-changing experience, like no other."

“I don't have one wonderful memory (as a Support Star) in particular. The fact that the support I'm providing to my client's and help them feel that they are still a part of the community is a wonderful thing to me. All the wonderful client's I have supported over many year's is collectively a wonderful memory to me.”

Terri, Alliance Community NSW


Meet Melissa!
Melissa started working with Alliance Community in June 2018 and is based in our ACT office!

Melissa is an Allocations Coordinator for ACT (north side) disability. She also covers clinical recruitment and is a jack of all trades! Her role entails a bit of everything, including supervising a team of staff and clients.

“I am a nurse by profession. My nursing career was mainly home-based palliative care and home-based aged, community and disability care. I had to stop actively nursing due to personal circumstances so this role was the next step for me.

“I love the job that I do, I love my staff and clients and I have an amazing supportive team in the office which always helps… it’s like working in one big happy family. It’s a really comfortable place to work. The support that I feel working here at Alliance Community is second to none. I have never felt this supported in a position.
“My fondest memory working at Alliance Community would be being able to organise a roster and a team of Support Stars and clinical staff to allow a client to come home from hospital. This happened a few days prior to Christmas and I worked extremely hard to ensure they would be home.”

If you’re thinking of becoming a Support Star, Melissa’s one piece of advice is “DO IT!!! Being a Support Star is one of the most rewarding and amazing jobs ever. Being able to see what a difference can be made in someone’s life, by sometimes such simple acts… that is priceless!”
What is one fun fact about Melissa? She is absolutely obsessed with Motor Sport, especially NASCAR!

Melissa, Alliance Community ACT


Meet Kirsten! Kirsten started working at Alliance Community in 2017 after 5 years living in the UK. Prior to this, she worked at our sister agency RNS Nursing since 2006!

As Senior Recruitment Consultant for Alliance Community in South East Queensland, Kirsten is based in the Brisbane office but also works across the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

“I began with the organisation straight out of school and have worked in several areas of the business including coordination, scheduling, recruitment and admin!

I am now responsible for recruiting & on-boarding Support Stars and registered staff who work with our clients in their homes. I also ensure that quality standards are upheld by maintaining compliance across our staffing pool. I love the job and my team!

My fondest memories at Alliance Community have always involved when the team have rallied together and really pushed to achieve a positive outcome for one of our clients. This happens all the time and I’m really proud to be a part of that.

I love knowing that what we’re doing is helping people in the community to achieve their goals and live their best life.

I think Alliance Community is really unique because we have a varied range of staff, from personal care workers, to registered and clinical nurses. This means that our client base is also hugely varied. We have unique opportunities presented to us all the time and because we are national yet operate as such a tight knit team, we all collaborate really well to achieve the best possible outcome.”

One piece of advice Kirsten would give to someone interested in becoming a Support Worker?

“Come into it with a passion for helping others achieve their goals – that’s what it’s all about!”

Kirsten, Alliance Community QLD

Meet Hannah! Hannah started working at Alliance Community almost three years ago and is a Senior Supports & Care Coordinator based in Noosa, QLD.

Hannah originally started with our sister agency, RNS Nursing, before moving into her current role where she coordinates client shifts and staffing.

“At Alliance Community we see the process of matching clients to Support Stars from start to finish. I love that we can really personalise the services we offer and find exactly the right fit for our clients… And see the friendships that form between our Support Stars and our clients.”

If you’re thinking of becoming a Support Star, Hannah’s one piece of advice is “You need to be really passionate about helping people and have an open mind!”

What is one fun fact about Hannah? She always wanted to be an Olympic swimmer for Australia!

Hannah, Alliance Community QLD


“My experience working alongside Alliance Community as a Support Star has been nothing but rewarding and the best experience which I will keep with me for life.

I started working with Alliance Community at the start of 2019 after years in retail, and I haven’t looked back since.

I really wanted to give people the support and care which is vital to their everyday living.  Being able to support someone and make a positive difference in someone’s life is the most rewarding and life-changing experience, like no other.

I don't have one wonderful memory in particular because for me it's every day I get out of bed to go support someone, the fact that what I am doing has a real purpose and watching each one of my client's smiles is my favourite memory.

I love being a Support Star because when I leave my client I know I have just helped better their life in some way - whether it’s by making them a cuppa, hanging out the washing or washing their hair. I love the fact that I can make the biggest positive impact on someone's life that really matters and this can be by doing something big or small.”

Cara, Alliance Community ACT



“I started working for Alliance Community in March this year. My journey so far with being a Support Star is great, or let me say rewarding.

After I moved to Australia in 2017, I discovered the Support Stars position… I decided to be a Support Star so that I can be part of the family to give support to people who need support mentally, physically and emotionally.

My most unique memories of being a Support Starr is the thought that someone can trust me to be a part of their lives and help them when they need assistance... Having a chat with the clients and getting to know how they grew up, what they love and how they would love me to help them is the best.

My most unique memories of being a Support Star is the thought that someone can trust me to be part of their lives and help them when they need assistance. Going for shopping, coffee clubs and to the community are the wonderful memories l have.

Through it all, I have come to realise it takes empathy, passion, positivity and patience to be a great worker.

I am learning a lot from meeting different people, which is great.”

Kathleen, Alliance Community Mackay


“I’ve been a Support Star for 16 months. I truly love being a Support Star and take pride in my work, as it’s the most fulfilling career… By giving it my best and dedicating myself to my full potential, knowing that I’ve helped someone be independent, or support them to do the best that they can. By helping my clients in living peacefully, giving back the power of choice, advocating for their quality of life, sustaining a life in their own home for longer, ensuring the support for everyday needs are met, and respecting cultures and dignity. It’s changing ones’ day just by having that friendly smile and happy-go-lucky vibe.

Having over nine years of work experience in the community with disability and aged care clients, I was ready to go full flight back into work after having my daughter. That’s when I joined the Alliance Community team. The team has been nothing but supportive whilst having a young child. The support and appreciation Alliance Community gives its Support Stars is nothing shy of amazing!

It’s the self-worth of making someone else’s day brighter and giving back to the community which is a rewarding experience that makes my heart glow with joy. Every client is different and unique, I’ve grown to assist my clients by listening to them and gaining their trust, which supports an amazing rapport between the client and myself. Having the Alliance Community team alongside me has made me a more passionate and understanding person each day.”

Natasha, Alliance Community SA


“I previously worked in retail and hospitality before starting a family and being a stay at home mum for 10 years. When I reconnected with my great aunties and uncles and saw how they were living I wanted to contribute towards making their remaining years happy and comfortable. This got me interested in studying for Aged Care and Home & Community Care so I could continue my passion for helping others in need.

Once qualified I started work as a support worker in-home and community care in Melbourne for 5 years, before relocating back to Brisbane where I have continued to work in this rewarding and worthwhile career.

I love working with people and knowing that I’m making a difference in someone’s life every day. Seeing my clients smile and laugh makes me feel like I’m doing a job well done.

Everyday something unique and wonderful happens, and I love finding people that I get along with really well.

Coming into a shift and simply picking up from my last visit and chatting like we’ve known each other for years! It feels good to know that my clients trust in me and watching them smile, laugh and their positive reactions to my silly jokes is a great feeling!

I love meeting new people, listening and learning about their life story and knowing that in turn I’m making a difference in their lives. This is what I truly love about being a Support Star!”

Sarah, Alliance Community QLD


“I started working with Alliance Community, back when it was called Extra Staff in 2012. I have been a support worker for many years and do it because I enjoy helping people. I wanted to be able to spend more time helping people in their own homes.

My most wonderful memory working as a Support Star is the clients I have met who are artists, who paint or write stories and have shown me what they have done. One client was a singer and they sang a song for me. They still had such a lovely voice. I also like to do art including lead pencil drawings, and I’ve also shown a few of my clients my own artwork.

I like helping people. I like the flexibility of being an agency support worker, as I can choose when I work. I like meeting new clients and the variety of ways that I can support them, whether its personal care, domestic assistance, shopping or even respite.

I feel very supported by the office staff in the Adelaide branch of Alliance Community. I have worked with Narelle, my coordinator for all these years and I’m very grateful for her, as well Peter and Amy that work alongside her.”

Leisel Luscombe, Alliance Community SA


Working with Alliance Community as a Support Star has allowed me to make a positive difference in many lives

I started with Alliance Community in 2018. Now the end of 2019, I have completed my Cert III and Cert IV. This is, and has been, an amazing journey meeting a diverse mix of clients and being a part of a great team.

Becoming a support worker was unequivocally the best decision I’ve made as I love being around people and making them happy. It is most rewarding and life changing.

Every day is a new day with each of my clients, some challenging, but in a way that I learn and grow to ensure my clients are receiving the best care I can possibly give. Every day is memorable for me.

Through my journey with Alliance Community I have not looked back and I continue to grow within my role. The support I have with my supervisor, team and my clients is why I love being a Support Star.

Joline, Alliance Community Mackay


My support worker journey first started when I was at university. I was studying business and working part time at a bank when I decided I'd train to become a support worker. The hours were flexible and this would see me through finishing my degree. That was 9 years ago and I haven't worked in any other industry since!

Being a support worker has taught me so much about life, people and values. I have helped to support some incredibly inspiring clients as well as some more challenging clients. I wake up every day and enjoy going to work. Of course I enjoy my days off and spending time with family and friends, but while I sit and listen to them complain about work I tell them how wonderful my job is.

I have been working with Alliance Community for 5 months now. I love being a Support Star with Alliance Community because I have the opportunity to work with some fantastic support workers and some lovely clients. I am supported in my role and feel valued. Being a Support Star is such a rewarding position.

Being a support star can be a physically and emotionally challenging role, but it is more than worth it!

Samantha, Alliance Community ACT


Watch this space!

We will be sharing more Hearts of Alliance Community profiles soon.