Time for a holiday?

People living with disability account for 4 million Australians—that’s one in five—and 90 percent take a holiday each year; making 8.2 million overnight trips and $8 billion, or 11 percent, of Australia’s overall expenditure. 

These stats highlight that accessible holiday destinations are not a niche market, rather, they are a mainstream necessity holding opportunity for individuals, family, friends, businesses and industry.  

With the NDIS giving people more choice, along with a rapidly aging population, and businesses starting to see the benefits in providing premium holiday experiences to a diverse group of travellers. We are starting to see more easy access holiday adventures that are exciting and cater to everyone’s needs.

However, it can still be tricky getting accurate information on where to go and who can help. Inclusive tourism is becoming an increasing hot topic on TripAdvisor. Check out their travelling with disabilities forum at TripAdvisor Traveling With Disabilities.

There are also a growing number of expert travel agents who specialise in accessible travel and can help plan every detail for a seamless experience, so make sure you do a quick search!

Alliance Community’s Support Stars can assist you, family, or friends on holidays and across different care levels.