My Most Inspiring Quote

This April, we asked our Alliance Community clients and Support Stars to send in their favourite quotes for the chance to win one of five gift cards.

We received a variety of inspiring quotes from both our Support Stars and clients, including what they love about the quote they sent in and how it inspires them daily.

See some of the quotes that were sent in below. We hope they provide you with some inspiration too!




“This is a quote I’ve just used in my portfolio for my cert III that shows a collection of services provided in Mackay for the disability. I love this quote because it goes for anyone with or without a disability. It’s ok to not be perfect, it makes us who we are.” – Joline Hill, Support Star




“I love this quote because of its truth, its strength and inspiration to people such as myself, going into work each day and seeing each individual client fighting their own unique battles in life. Each client of mine is different, but each client is fighting a battle of their own. That's why I am here to make it easier for them by offering my help and support.” – Janelle Harris, Support Star




“This quote really inspires me to believe in yourself having confidence that anything is possible. Regardless of what obstacles, mistakes and difficulties may come, there is no restriction on what you can achieve if prepared to work hard, apply determination and follow your heartfelt conviction.” – Karen O’Connor, Support Star



So many times in life, we feel let down or disappointed at the way our life seems to be heading, and we desperately want to make a fresh start and change the direction of our life. We can if we stop focusing on that door that is forever closing and make things happen by changing our focus onto the open door, the new path, new possibilities, new and exciting challenges await us if we march bravely into the future through that open door. Sometimes we focus on regrets so hard, what we should’a, could’a, would’a, that we fail to move on, afraid of the unknown. It’s when we take a leap of faith and stop focusing on the closed door we can look at the future with a more positive attitude. Who knows what lies around the corner.” – April Alana, Support Star




“When I first started to work in care this poem was told to me and it has stuck with me throughout my career. It’s important to remember the people we support, we do that alongside them not rushing them or to hold them back. This poem helps me to always remember that.” – Peter Boult, Alliance Community