2019 Ability Fest: Bigger and better



Missed your opportunity to attend April’s 2018 Ability Fest? Fear not. The completely inclusive music festival—which boasted some amazing acts like Flight Facilitates, Client Liaison, and more—was such a success it’s already set to make a 2019 comeback; just bigger and better.

Aimed at making sure all people, regardless of ability, gender, race or religion are able to attend. The event was decked-out and supported by facilities like easy access viewing platforms for wheelchairs.

Started by well-known Paralympian Dylan Alcott, and Triple J, all proceeds went to helping young Australians with disabilities. Abilities Fest’s first time pumping out the tunes raised over $200,000—and gave everyone one hell of a time!

In a recent interview with Triple J Alcott said “[It was] one of the best days of my life…nobody cared about their race, gender, sexual orientation, and most importantly, their disability. I had so many people with disabilities come up [to me] and it was the first time they’d ever been to a festival with their family and friends.”         

Alcott, who is in a wheelchair himself, is well known for his efforts in supporting people with disability through his foundation The Dylan Alcott Foundation and for his efforts in normalising disability.

Keep an eye on The Dylan Alcott Foundation and Triple J website for festival dates and tickets for 2019.


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