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“I previously worked in retail and hospitality before starting a family and being a stay at home mum for 10 years. When I reconnected with my great aunties and uncles and saw how they were living I wanted to contribute towards making their remaining years happy and comfortable. This got me interested in studying for Aged Care and Home & Community Care so I could continue my passion for helping others in need.

Once qualified I started work as a support worker in-home and community care in Melbourne for 5 years, before relocating back to Brisbane where I have continued to work in this rewarding and worthwhile career.

I love working with people and knowing that I’m making a difference in someone’s life every day. Seeing my clients smile and laugh makes me feel like I’m doing a job well done.

Everyday something unique and wonderful happens, and I love finding people that I get along with really well.

Coming into a shift and simply picking up from my last visit and chatting like we’ve known each other for years! It feels good to know that my clients trust in me and watching them smile, laugh and their positive reactions to my silly jokes is a great feeling!

I love meeting new people, listening and learning about their life story and knowing that in turn I’m making a difference in their lives. This is what I truly love about being a support worker!”

Sarah, Alliance Community QLD

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