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My support worker journey first started when I was at university. I was studying business and working part time at a bank when I decided I'd train to become a support worker. The hours were flexible and this would see me through finishing my degree. That was 9 years ago and I haven't worked in any other industry since!

Being a support worker has taught me so much about life, people and values. I have helped to support some incredibly inspiring clients as well as some more challenging clients. I wake up every day and enjoy going to work. Of course I enjoy my days off and spending time with family and friends, but while I sit and listen to them complain about work I tell them how wonderful my job is.

I have been working with Alliance Community for 5 months now. I love being a support worker with Alliance Community because I have the opportunity to work with some fantastic support workers and some lovely clients. I am supported in my role and feel valued. Being a support worker is such a rewarding position.

Being a support star can be a physically and emotionally challenging role, but it is more than worth it!

Samantha, Alliance Community ACT

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