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Nate started working at Alliance Community more than two years ago and is a Senior Support & Care Coordinator based in Melbourne, Victoria. He was referred by a friend who was working as a clinical manager at the time for Alliance Community, for a role in the NSW aged care and brokerage team after finishing a short UX design course.

In his role as a Senior Support & Care Coordinator, Nate talks to a lot of clients, support staff and nurses. He also meets with clients to do their intakes and sign service agreements other than answering any questions they might have around services and NDIS.

“I love the relationship building and maintenance between all stakeholders, whether they’re internal or external – I’ve always enjoyed talking to people and doing relationship management.” Nate also enjoys helping people achieve their goals by providing the supports they need.

Nate encourages individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the community to join Alliance Community as a Support Star. The benefits of working in this sector, he says is: “You will be working with an array of people from all walks of life, both internal and external.”

Nate, Alliance Community VIC

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