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Meet Lilian!

With a background in nursing and pharmaceutical sales, Lilian found her true calling when she joined Alliance Community as a support worker in August of 2020.

“I’ve always had a passion for helping people, and when I had the opportunity to be part of this great company as a support worker, I felt the passion and satisfaction of being able to share my time supporting people who need it. I also feel great support from my coordinators. In a few words, I am in love with my work.”

Lilian loves the personal satisfaction of making her clients smile. She spends time understanding what her clients need and what makes them happy. 

“Each client is a challenge, discovering what things they like or dislike, what is their routine, what is their need, and what additional things I can do for them. They are small things like helping them with their makeup, giving them a gentle massage before sleeping in the pressure areas, preparing their favourite food, or offering a cup of coffee. Getting my clients to smile, their thanks is very satisfying, and it motivates me to continue improving day by day.”

Lilian’s fondest memory was assisting a client through rehabilitation therapy and being at his session the day he began to walk again.

“It was such an exciting moment for me to see how he put all his effort into advancing his path. Everyone encouraged him to continue and see his face filled with a lot of positive energy despite how difficult it was for him. It is something that I treasure in my heart.”

Lilian recommends that anyone considering a career as a support worker should ask themselves if they are an empathetic person. She believes only then can you truly serve and treat clients as they want and need to be treated.

“If the answer is yes, then then I would tell you to become a support worker because it is the most rewarding and beautiful job you will have. You not only get a client, you win a friend.”

Lilian, Alliance Community NSW

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