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When she was 17, she made a list of things that she did not want to do in her life and nursing was one of them. Kirstine was passionate about everything that is psychology related and she consumed books by Sigmund Freud and every other book she could get her hands on.

Kirstine had also won a scholarship to Newcastle Conservatorium of Music from her HSC in the late 70’s but her heart was set on completing a degree majoring in psychology at the University of Sydney. Following that, she took a trip to the United Kingdom for 12 months and ended up living there for seven years.

Her passion for nursing was planted when she worked as an au pair in Switzerland as there were some elderly people that she cared for. After spending a year as an au pair, Kirstine returned to the UK and applied for nursing – she has never looked back since. Fast forward to 2001, Kirstine joined RNS (now known as Alliance).

I started my community nursing in Sydney for 11 years, then I moved to the Sunshine Coast at the end of 2000, and joined RNS in 2001, working mainly in nursing homes... but had the desire to find my way into the community sector. RNS, and now Alliance, has been quite a backbone for me. I was able to rely on them for a variety of work, to complement other part time employment.

Kirstine also started her own massage business in 2003 and she enjoys the variety of her work life – nursing and massage. She has met many people during her nursing career which spanned more than three decades. “There have been many special moments with clients and patients. I have felt particularly challenged, in a good way, by the ‘difficult’ clients. They have spurred me on to become a better communicator, and in finding ways to reach and help them.”

She encourages anyone who is passionate about being a support worker to join Alliance Community and even though the job involves them working autonomously without support from other staff, the rewards and special moments are great and extremely satisfying.

Kirstine, Alliance Community Queensland

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