Allocations Coordinator

 “My favourite part about working for Alliance Community has always been the people; the clients, the support workers and the office staff who are all amazing and make every day different.”

Gillian first started working for Alliance Community as a support worker in 2017, and in August of this year she joined the office team as an Allocations Coordinator.

“Now being on the other side (in the office), I love the challenge of finding the right support worker for our clients. One of the best feelings is when they make a real connection.

As a support worker, it was very rewarding to provide a range of support services and the best care for my clients. Having this experience is definitely a plus when it comes to my new role as a Community Coordinator. My days now look very different as I am allocating support worker to meet the needs of our clients. I’m involved with recruitment as well as providing ongoing support to our external team members.”

Gillian was looking for a career change that would be supporting people, with the flexibility to balance family and study commitments.

“I saw the advertisement for Alliance Community and commented to my daughter that it looked like the perfect job. My daughter encouraged me to apply and I am happy I did!

“If you are thinking of becoming a support worker, I would highly recommend it! I loved being a support workerand being there to support people in accessing the community whilst able to remain in their own homes as long as possible and achieve their goals.

It is an extremely rewarding and challenging role. You will meet so many different people and every day is different!”

Gillian, Alliance Community ACT

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