Clinical Nurse

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She started her journey as a Clinical Nurse with Alliance Community seven months ago and is enjoying her work very much, all thanks to her HR manager who encourage her to take on the position.

There is one memory that Claire would look fondly look back on. “We have some extremely complex children under our care. I remember one story… one of children must have a lifesaving injection every day and it is always a traumatic experience for the individual and parents.”

Claire shared that when she did the injection for the first time, the cry was followed by a thank you and subsequently a ‘blown kiss’ and she thought to herself, “what more could you ask for in a shift?” For her, this was one of those moments she found challenging, but she managed to overcome it.

She says one of the many reasons why she loves working with Alliance Community is the team is supportive and they are like her immediate family. “We work together as an inclusive team. There is always someone to answer questions or listen.”

Claire, Alliance Community QLD

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